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July 18 2024 [New Zealand] 
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Jon Jameson
Removing Monza petrol cap - (read 1361028 times) Reply
Its finally time to put my old mans Egli Vincent (McIntosh frame)back together and have opted to powder coat the frame black.I have stripped the frame ready for powder coating however am puzzled on how to remove the Monza cap. Any tips?
Richard Greenway
Gearbox numbering - (read 691350 times) Reply
The GB8 is an early f/bed twin gearbox number.
Ken McIntosh
47 manx - (read 722179 times) Reply
We make an exact copy of the pressed-steel magneto A/R and air levers as used on all long-stroke Manx Nortons. It clamps onto the handlebar. High quality chrome finish. K McI
Mark Kirkpatrick
47 manx - (read 1414650 times) Reply
I am checking the parts listed for the garden gate models, I have a 1947 500 and am looking a few parts that I can see listed but can you clarify the air lever - is this a pressed steel lever with chrome finish? what about advance/retard?
manx 30m short stoke - (read 1468431 times) Reply
Need help where do the collet groves get machined in the valve stems for the hairpin springs on a double overhead cam Manx Norton (short stroke) 30m factory works racer
Peter Gagan
oil - (read 1480154 times) Reply
I have a 1960 Manx Norton M30 I ride on the road. It has a Newby belt drive and clutch, coil valve springs, and a Kabota tractor alternator hidden in the primary. Castor based oil is illegal here, and I am down to my last pint. Alternatives?
Mark Burgmann
Right size carburetor for Manx? - (read 767691 times) Reply
Hi Ken The short stroke 30M 1955-1956 T5GP 1 9/32" not 1 9/16"? 1956-1961 1 5/16" going by my Amal list no. 601/3 issue No. 3. Best Regards Mark
Is this a manx? - (read 1595896 times) Reply
I am starting to restore a old Norton I have had for 37years, and have a question about the frame number. This is what I have vertical line of numbers 53319 I am assuming serial number, then horizontal line starts J1 and it is getting hard to read the rest of the model number, Is there any way to tell from just the serial number??? The right upper frame tube has a indent that looks like it is for the bevel drive of a long stoke motor. is the Manx the only bike to have this indent? the upper rear transmission mount is not welded to the frame( normal for a 54). Being a J make it a 1954 and the serial number agree with that, It seems it could be a J11M2 M40 Manx or a J122 dominator 88 (why would a dominator need the indent?). I just do not want to start and find out later that it was a Manx, I might take a different direction rather than build it back as a Triton/Weslake
Ken McIntosh
Right size carburetor for Manx? - (read 819714 times) Reply
Manx Norton Carburettors for 86mm bore 500cc models, from the original Amal listings. 1954-56 500cc Manx uses 1-9/16" T5GP Amal 1956-60 500cc Manx uses 1-5/16" T5GP Amal 1961-63 500cc Manx uses 1-3/8" T5GP2 Amal
Mark Burgmann
Right size carburetor for Manx? - (read 819753 times) Reply
Hi Ken 1 9/16 should this have been 1 5/16 for the short strokes? Best Regards Mark

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